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Elementary (Grades 3-5) National Winners

Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education are pleased to announce the National Elementary School Winners for Grades 3-5 of the 2012-2013 Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge! See the winners from grades K-2, 6-8, and 9-12.

First Place - CALIFORNIA

  • Team Name Give a Hoot!

  • Location Watsonville, CA

  • School Mount Madonna School

  • Teacher/Mentor Jessica Cambell

  • Description Give A Hoot is a student-driven, integrated curriculum project based on environmental threats to the Western Burrowing Owl. Students conducted habitat restoration, environmental clean-up, educational docent binders and signs. They conducted scientific experiments to discover how native plants benefit this owl, and how it reciprocates. Based on their findings, students wrote, directed and produced an educational film that has and will be shown in many venues dramatically illustrating what could happen if people don’t consider protecting this owl. Donations from their work will be invested in local conservation groups to further their work to protect habitat and in Kiva.org, a micro-loan organization that brokers small loans to help subsistence people purchase tools, supplies and equipment.
  • Give A Hoot!View Their Proposal

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Second Place - OHIO

  • Team Name Gilmour Gforce

  • Location Gates Mills, OH

  • School Gilmour Academy

  • Teacher/Mentor Kim Moore (Collaborator: Lynne Sojda)

  • Description Team Gilmour Gforce chose their project after researching topics of interest on the We Can Change the World website. They decided that trying to save energy at their school would help reduce their community’s use of fossil fuels and help prevent global warming. The students collected data on their school’s energy usage and used that information to decide which initiatives they wanted to start. Students decided to create posters, brochures, graphs, videos and power point presentations to help educate their community on how they can save energy. They have become energy conservation experts and activists as a result of their initiatives.
  • Gilmour GforceView Their Proposal

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Third Place - CALIFORNIA

  • Team Name What a Waste!

  • Location Walnut Creek, CA

  • School Buena Vista Elementary School

  • Teacher/Mentor Kari Stewart (Collaborator: Deborah Walker)

  • Description  After learning about zero waste, Team Buena Vista Elementary noticed the amounts of waste created at their school during lunchtime. They decided to quantify the problem and then created a plan to lower the food waste at their school.
  • What a Waste!View Their Proposal

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